Smartphones segmentation

Today I ran into rather “happy” problem: needed to determine which devices should I buy to test on, if I want to cover most of the smartphone market.


The valuable resources for android became Android Developer portal – mostly dashboard. However, it overviews only Android OS versions. The other resource, OpenSignal research, covers specific devices. To sum up, to test hardware features and to determine usability on Android, you should have:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  2. Samsung Galaxy S II
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (or any other with 4.3 – Jelly Bean. I just prefer this one)
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (or any other with 4.4 – KitKat. I just like the size and usability of this one).


There I had to draw the line: old (pre iPhone 4) devices does not support iOS 7.1 update (according to extensive wikipedia page). Frankly, it would be enough to buy:

  1. iPhone 4 (oldest smartphone with iOS 7.1 capability)
  2. iPhone 5S (newest today)
  3. iPad Air (personally prefer this one in front of all those mini’s and old thick iPads)

Windows Phone 8

As Windows Phone is the 3rd popular platform for smart phone users (and I own one :)) it’s coverage also is a must. We will orientate ourselves only into Windows Phone 8 platform cause 7.5 really sucked. IMHO (as I was unable to find any resource), it is enough to buy mediocre Nokia Lumia 920 to cover the major of the market. This shouldn’t be a problem since all GUI in Windows Phone 8 is pretty basic and shouldn’t be a problem unless you use phone camera or other specific thing in your app.



Additions To Web Pages You’ll Like

It has been a long time since I wrote last. This time I will look over some interesting bootstrap plugins and other interesting tools to produce high quality web page.

  1. JsTree. Trees made simple in Javascript. Quite usefull stuff;
  2. Bootstrap Modal2. Fixes almost everything what is wrong with default witter bootstrap modal;
  3. Select2. Adds some nice things / touch / wtw you call it to your selects like: item grouping, multiple value choosing, autocompletion and etc;
  4. List of Twitter Bootstrap resources. If bootstrap has it, it will porobably be there;
  5. NVD3 javascript library. Nice and painless svg charts for your page;
  6. probably will be added later…

P. S. Just recently, my contribution to TinyMCE autocompletion plugin was pulled in to the main repository. Cheers, everyone! ;)


Today came across an interesting post on agile blog about estimating time and cost of the system which is being build. The idea is that no matter how good your team and you are, you will always make mistakes in estimating. Especially complex systems. If your complex system is on date then there is a probability that the quality will really suck and the system itself might be not usable at all.